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The Perfect Series 

The pathway of love and reality meet for an imperfectly perfect happily ever after.

Every one dreams of once upon a time and happily ever after. But the path to that destination is as unique as the people walking the journey. Follow Ryan, Melody, and Skylar as they become masters of their own destiny and travel through the woes of friendships, relationships, life and love on their pursuit to happiness and the life of their dreams.  

Picture Perfect | Perfectly Imperfect | Perfectly Ever After 
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Book One| Picture Perfect | Ryan Harris

What happens when you think you've found the perfect person & then you realize perfection doesn't exist?

What happens when you think you’ve found the perfect person and then you realize perfection doesn’t exist?


Ryan Harris, the CEO & owner of Picture Perfect, is perfection personified. Being the daughter of a retired pro football player turned coach and a business mogul means she’s lived her life in the spotlight since the second she was born. But it isn’t her net worth that makes her perfect. With beauty, brains, & a heart made of gold she’s the girl of everyone’s dreams.

More specifically, the girl of Kaiden King’s dreams. Kaiden, a star wide receiver, is every girl’s man crush Monday. His athleticism & charm both on and off the field make him a desired heart throb. None of that matters because his eyes have been on Ryan since he owned the field in little league. But when meeting the girl of your dreams makes you face your nightmares you realize perfection comes with a price.

Falling in love with perfection is easy. But accepting the flaws that make people human proves to be a challenge. Love is a gamble and the only way you win is if you take a risk. 


Is picture perfect love worth the risk or will the old saying remain true, that perfection doesn’t truly exist?


Book Two| Perfectly Imperfect | Melody Jacobs

When your idea of perfection is shattered, what can restore your faith that imperfect people can be loved perfectly?

Book Three| Perfectly Ever After | Skylar Bryant

When the life of your dreams turns into a disaster, what hopes are left for your perfect ever after?